Self Dedication

Accepting Jesus as her "true bridegroom" she dedicated her life to god. In school also she got ample atmosphere for peaceful prayer so as to maintain presence of god in her life.

She completed 13 years. During Christmas vacation of that year, kunjamma-the little one went to her grandma's house. There also God favored her with the family chapel to pray and prostrate. While praying there, she heard a reverberating oracle;" go and build my broken church observe lent and fasting for 41 days: on the 41 st day I would make you a useful weapon foe me". Realizing it as divine guidance she didn't tell to any body. At her grand mother's house, the same day evening while she was conducting the evening prayers, she saw the crucifix on the prayer room wall shining and moving. Thinking it as candle light reflection she continued the prayers. Suddenly to her surprise, all the burning candles were put out and she saw Jesus Christ with crucifixion wounds on the body and holding a wooden cross on right shoulder, coming down and down towards her.

While the crucifix remained on the wall itself, Jesus Christ in half clothed body and heavenly radiant brilliance came closer and closer to her. With trembling body she knelt down before the appeared Jesus.

She wished in her mind to know who he was. Understanding her desire, the Omniscient Christ said:' believe that I am Jesus Christ-the Son of Living God:Christ continued:" Do you believe that God could remove all your worries and unhappiness?" Christ enquired her: "Are you ready to live virgin life for Me till your death? " The kneeling down devotee readily replied: " Yes". Again Jesus asked her: "Are you willing to follow Me when ever I call you, taking my cross?" Without serious thinking she answered: "I have my parents: let me go and seek their permission". Suddenly the brightness of Christ increased and more seriously asked her: "Whom do you love more, your parents or God?" With much guilt feeling she apologized: "Forgive me, I don't love anybody more than my God". When she conceded for all queries Jesus blessed her with the cross: suddenly she received a spiritual uplift which still she possesses.

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