Mystical Grace Gift

Due to the strange happenings at her grandmother's home she decided to return her own house; met her confession father and confessed all what happened. He encouraged her and advised to go ahead with staunch faith in God. Obeying the divine guidance, she started to observe lent for 41 days. While conducting the evening prayer on the 41st day she saw a shining cross up above her, gradually descending with celestial radiance and was finally placed on her head: just then she received the gift of Grace Power on her body for the first time. Since then she is blessed to get this kind of mystical grace gift for the good of the devotees who ever approaches her. So many people with ailments, evil afflictions, personal and family problems started to come to her: all of them received healing depending on their faith in God. In short, she became a mystic gifted with healing powers. The word got around: people stood in favor and also against her. But she didn't care either of them: instead went forward with more prayer and penance to grow more in grace and knowledge. 10 more days passed by with rigorous spiritual practices and she got more visions of different saints, cautioning her about future persecutions in her dedicated life.

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