Establishes Mar Gregorious Ashram (mission in her chosen life)

Many years back Sr. Susan Received God's message to establish mar gregarious Ashram at Mulanthuruthy – the birth place of St.Gregarios, her patron saint. Years passed by many devotees from different castes 7 countries called upon her to get graces through her efficacious prayers. For the sake of more prayerful atmosphere and also for the good of the devotees of different places, Sr. Susan stayed at parumala church and the like other religious places.

In 1973, Sr. Susan kuruvilla established "Mar gregarious Ashram" at Mulanthuruthy to fulfill the mission in her chosen life. For the full blooming of this divinely directed charitable institution, Sr. Susan envisages to construct a poor and old age home, destitute home, chapel, medical mission hospital, English medium nursery school and a handicraft training and production centre.

Mar Gregorios Asharam takes care of poor and down – trodden people, irrespective of caste or creed. They include poor orphans, destitute, deserving aged people and physically and mentally handicapped ones from different parts of Kerala. The orphans are given free education. Starting from Nursery School, they get free education at school and college level. Job oriented and professional education is given to skilled and brilliant students. The destitute people are tenderly cared by devout and devout nuns of this Ashram.

The aged are attended round the clock by well experienced home nurses. The Physically and mentally handicapped ones are well checked up timely and treated by doctors, assisted by nurses: also properly nursed and nourished by fellow inmates. Presently there are 125 inmates living here. Inmates, though poor and of different age groups, they all enjoy a harmonious, joyful, hopeful and peaceful life here

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