Appearance of Passion Wounds – Stigmata

On Good Friday of the same year, while she was attending the social prayers in a chapel she felt excruciating pain all over the body: cross – shaped wounds appeared with bleeding on her palms, soles, chest right side and around the head scattered. This pain lasted till Easter Sunday morning. This rare phenomenon attracted many people from far and near. Doctors called on: critics came up. The world spoke differently. The Church hierarchy wanted to check the genuineness of her 'gifted life' this was done by a bishop: she was asked to drink water mixed with the holy frankincense from the sacred tomb of Jesus. Drop by drop she started to drink and when she drank the third drop she got very severe pain in all the wounds, spurting blood out. As the second test she had to medicate inside a sacred tomb of a bishop in North Kerala. She started the meditation on a Saturday. On Tuesday, the third day of the meditation around noon she felt very intense paint in all the wounds on her body: in presence of the bishop and many priests blood oozed out from all the paining wounds. Thus God proved that the gifts bestowed on her are genuine. Since then the wounds remain permanent: on every Tuesday and Friday she suffers the severe passion agony around noon. On Good Friday this pain lasts for more that 3 ½ hours. Every agony session stops when she goes into trance –the ecstatic state at which she is blessed with the GRACE of the holy spirit. Other than these agony times, when ever she prays and meditates she goes in trance,. It is during these trance times that she is able to help devout devotees who suffer with pains and problems.

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